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My first gyg !!

I'm writing this to get the motivation to study for physics tomorrow😭
These are the results from my December mocks:

English literature (Eduqas) - 8
English language (Eduqas) - 7
Maths (OCR) - 8
Biology (AQA) - 8
Chemistry (AQA) - 7
Physics (AQA) - 9
RE A(AQA) - 9
History (Edexcel) - 6
German (AQA) - 9
Food Prep and Nutrition (Eduqas) (written) - 8

I was sort of upset with history since I never get lower than a 7 in anything so I'm aiming for at least a 7 in my real exams. Overall though, I'm hoping for 8s and 9s but mostly 9s. I know GCSEs have already started but I feel like I just need this accountability as a final push to carry on revising till my final exam (food prep). I reallyyyyy want at least an 8 in Chem since I want to take it for a-level I feel like paper 1 went really well so I'm hoping for the best. For the same reason, I'm aiming for a 9 in maths and biology too. I'm kind of worried about German at the moment because it's my strongest subject but I absolutely messed up my speaking. Luckily, I think I did really well on listening, reading and writing but I would honestly be distraught if I got an 8 rather than a 9. I really don't mean to sound snobby or anything but it's just because I know I'm more than capable than a 9 in it. But alas, we roll which is why I'm going to stop writing now and actually prepare for my physics tomorrow😭

Thanks for reading guys and good luck in all your examsss !!
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Good luck those are some amazing expected grades!
Original post by Maximum-tragedy
Good luck those are some amazing expected grades!

Thank you so much !

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