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Please critique my poem

Sit here with me
Look with me
The truth is right here
In its ugly mast, dirty, ugly
Does not leave, does not change
Horrid looking, unbelievable
It is the truth, regardless of what you and i say
I cannot change the truth
No matter which angle i take
The answer remains the same
This body is the lie
My mind , my mind was not insane
Fix it! Fix it!
Something is not right i say
My body is beautifully horrid
Where do I go to get rid of it?
So pretty your body
How can you hate it? They ask
It is not mine
It is not mine
I lie, I lie
I cheat the system
“Imposter! Liar!
Trying to move to the other side?”
“Mentally ill” “Crazy” “emotional” they say
I can hear them in my head
Where do I run?
Where do I hide?
Where do i get rid of this body
My body- you disgust me
What kind of anomaly am I?

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