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Should I move schools?

Hi, I’m a student at city of London school for girls, and they don’t do textiles gcse, which is something I am interested in. If I hypothetically wanted to, I could move to South Hampstead High School, which does do textiles gcse. However, they recently got a new headmistress and ppl are saying she’s made the school worse. Does anyone know what to do? Has experience in textiles gcse/ know abt new south Hampstead head? Do I have any other options? Thankyou xx
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I’m further north so i cant say much about the schools however if you really want to do textiles i’d go for it, i did textiles gcse and am now doing it for alevel and i love it. textiles gcse was so much fun but keep in mind a lot of schools don’t require you to have the gcse to do it for a level.

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