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Universities with wide range of grade boundaries

My daughter is in year 12 and has Maths, Physics, Economics & English, she is struggling with Maths, her last report was Maths D Physics B Economics C and English A. Though she has assured me that she will try to get an A or B in Maths, but I am looking for universities which will accept ABB! Please can someone suggest me some Universities? TIA
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The highest-ranked uni I know that accepts ABB for STEM courses is York Uni.
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Original post by SilverPebble
What course at uni does your daughter want to do? What sort of places does she prefer ... London/small/campus-based/city-based/etc? What are her thoughts about it all?

She wants to do Astrophysics ( I don’t have a clue about) we are based in Solihull so looking for nearby (2hrs drive) 🙏🏼
If you go on UCAS and select the course - so Astrophysics and then put in A Level subjects and grades it will bring up a list of Universities. Is getting a tutor an option for her Maths ? They can make a real difference.
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Also, has she thought about dropping an A Level to give her more time to focus on getting the 3 best grades she can get? It's striking too that English is her best subject - has she thought about taking a gap year so that she can explore what she wants to do? No point rushing into it, and it's much easier to apply to unis with A Level results in hand.
No it was just me trying to keep her nearby😊 but you’re right we need to consider options even if they are far. She will drop Economics. Can you please let me know when do they start applying for Uni do they use the year 12 prediction or year 13 mock prediction? I am a bit confused as some parents are saying year 12 and one parent said their child will use the year 13 prediction..🤯
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University of Leicester is one. (AAB-ABB). Remember they are associated with the National Space Centre which is in Leicester. It's only just over a 1 hour drive from Solihull. I studied English there. Interesting, compact, campus and nice halls of residences in leafy Oadby.
Cardiff University, 2 and a quarter hours drive from Solihull, also requires AAB-ABB. In reality, Cardiff ends up with entrants with higher grades than Leicester on average. It is a capital city after all.

Thank you❤️

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