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How to choose between two Sixth Form offers?

I am currently a F5 (equivalent to Year 12) student studying in Hong Kong Top Local school and study DSE. I have studied Chinese, English, Maths, Physics, Economics and ICT. 90% of topics of the syllabus are taught.
I am applying for Year 12 Mathematics, Economics, History, Psychology.

(DSE syllabus is kinda similar to A-Level therefore I have a advantage in studying again?)

My University aim are HKU and G5 universities’s Law programme. For HKU, to get a conditional offer of law is that you have to get a A*A*A* predicted grade. My first choice is HKU btw.

I have got two offer which is from Queen Ethelburga’s College (QE) and Oxford International College (OIC).

I had a really tough time in choose between them.

Queen Ethelburga’s: I don’t quite prefer the style of England traditional boarding school and the teaching style is not as harsh as Oxford International College. I want a high pressure environment to study as I won’t study if I am too free. But the difficulty in choosing between them is that I’ve got some factual information about QE will manipulate my predicted score so that I can get a conditional offer from HKU first.

Oxford International College: I quite prefer the location of the school as QE is in rural area and I like crowed area more. The teaching style as I mentioned above they are harsh but their drawbacks are if you cannot attain AAB in first year AS level then you will be kicked. I am afraid that studying for 9 months doesn’t have enough time to adapt and gain high mark. Other from the adapting problem, OIC is strict on predicted grade. If I didn’t attain 3 upper As then I will not get a HKU conditional offer.

QE can slip me a conditional offer first but less possible to get a required mark in final. OIC’s standard seems too high for me (I don’t know if I can get As in A-Level) But overall except from predicted grades, OIC is my first choice.


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