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honestly I haven't revised much in the months leading up to my exams but I have revised for the mocks weve sat, my grades are average around 5/6 from my recent mock but thats because I didn't try to revise or didn't put enough effort in, do you think if I try hard enough, even if its the day before my exam, I can reach grades 7s, 8s and 9s. I've considered A level options in bio, chem, english lit and film or geography, I have around half my exams left but is it possible to get top grades even in such a short time?
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I’d say it’s possible if you revise effectively, i had to cram a lot of my textiles revision last year and i still got an 8, i wouldn’t say i got great grades in gcse however my revision strategy was pretty awful
I’m the same I haven’t revsised a lot I’m terrible but I really want good grades but I don’t seem to be getting them and I can do all the stuff that comes up in class and I can do it well but in an exam I just can’t seem to do it

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