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Museum studies degree

I am a Y12 student studying biochem and psychology. I thought I wanted to do medicine which is why I chose these subjects but now I'm not sure I would enjoy it and am thinking about museum studies.

I've always loved the idea of working in museums and being a curator of natural history. Is it too late for me to choose this degree because of my A-level choices? Some courses I've looked at are museum studies and archaeology and I think a history A level is recommended for it. Obviously I haven't done this. What do you think?

And I'm still not 100% sure I don't want medicine as it suits a lot of my skills and I think I would enjoy it once I qualified as a consultant but the lifestyle before that wouldn't suit me as I love having a social life and keeping up my hobbies. Has anyone else felt the same and what did you do in that situation?
You can do a degree in various heritage related courses (archaeology, anthropology, museum/heritage studies, history of art, history and/or philosophy of science, and even many history courses, plus various regional studies courses, and related courses like classics, Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Studies etc) with your A-levels just fine. People go into those courses from all sorts of backgrounds.

I would note however the heritage and cultural/arts sector is challenging to get a foothold in - graduates usually end up paying a "passion tax" by having to accept lower paying roles for a while after graduating before they can move into more senior and curatorial positions. Also depending on the specific situation you may want or need to pursue a masters or PhD at some point in the process.

That said for "natural history" work in the museums sector you could well do a first degree in biological sciences and masters/PhD in some area of taxonomy and/or evolutionary biology/palaeontology (depending on your specific interests). This would require a scientific background at A-level (which you have) and is a bit of a different route. That said if your main interest is in human evolution you may find an archaeology and/or (biological/evolutionary/physical) anthropology degree closer aligned to that. Human sciences courses (the few that are around) may also facilitate an interest in human evolution.

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