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What's the hardest aqa a-level tudor question you've seen?

Trying to last-minute patch up some holes and prepare for the worst case scenario

Some horrid ones ive seen

1. The cloth trade was the most important contributor to the English economy under Henry VII"
2.Can't remember the question but there was something about Elizabethan golden age last year i believe.....which...awful
Anything about the economy that spans over the Mid Tudor crisis would do me in a bit or the sporadic foreign policy of Henry VIII.
Changes to the church during the Henrican and Edwardian reformation, and the Marian counter reformation, could also be difficult if you don’t know the direct impact the legislation made.

My teacher gave:
“The Church was more influential than the nobility in the years 1485 - 1509”
“English society in the reign of Henry VIII was more characterised by disorder than order”

I’ve seen predictions around there being a question on Elizabeth for the extracts but please do not take my word for it.

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