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SFE didn’t ask my mother for evidence upon reapplying

Basically, i’m re-applying for my 2nd year of student finance and requesting the higher loan based on parental income, and when i had completed my side of the application, it asked for my parents contact information so that they can fill in their details. However, when my mum has gone to fill in this form, at no point did it ever ask for any of her financial information for the tax year like it had when i applied last year, this is very strange and now i’m concerned i won’t get the correct amount of maintenance loan. I contacted SFE and apparently they have gone straight to HMRC to get her information but this is not what happened last year as she had to fill in all the details of her finances through the website, is this something that SFE does now? My dad has yet to complete his part of the application and will probably do so this weekend, but i’m worried that it also won’t ask him for his finances and i’ll get an incorrect loan when i find out my amount and with their not being too long left for the application to be submitted i’m beginning to get worried. Any help or answers would be appreciated, do SFE sometimes just go to HMRC for this info instead of asking parents now?
Hi finleyuk8,

Yes, we have changed the sponsor process so that instead of asking for income figures we now ask for your sponsor's National Insurance number and verify their details with HMRC.


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