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Scared and anxious to fly??

I am flying to Malaysia for an exchange programme, but I am too anxious to fly????????
I have taken plenty of flights (the furthest was India), and it gets scarier each time.
This time my family will not be with me which makes me extremely anxious.
I am not scared of taking off/landing, but of the idea that anything could happen.
I am also taking Malaysia airlines, which makes me worry even more. And after yesterday's Singapore flight, I really cannot sleep.

Any advice??
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Maybe try taking some activity to relax/distract you, such as a colouring book, a book to read, listening to some music or some game on your phone. It's an understandable reaction to be anxious, especially when you hear of horrible plane incidents so close to flying.

To be fair, I think there are some statistic out there that show how safe travelling by plane are, and while it doesn't guarantee your safety, it is reassuring to know that these incidents aren't happening on every other flight.

The only other thing I can think of to suggest would be taking a medication to ease your anxieties or one that makes you sleep whilst you're on the plane. I've heard a lot of people use these, but because it seems you are travelling alone this might not be the best option.

At least in the long run, you are going to Malaysia for an exchange programme, presumably something that you really want to do and will probably enjoy. It's not always easy but focus on that positivity!
If that's really bad, i would talk to a doctor probably and ask for help

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