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HGV Mechanic with keratoconus

Hi everyone . I got accepted for an apprenticeship as a HGV technician here in the UK and just wanted to know if my keratoconus will stop me from being able to pursue this career. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago and have never been to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist. I first appointment is in June with an ophthalmologist and I currently wear glasses where I can see fairly good in my right eye but can’t see at all in my left eye pretty much. Everything is just a blur
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Get professional advice, but if you need to drive, as part of the job or to commute, can you legally do so?
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Optometrist here.
Your condition should be checked and evaluated.
Some people with Keratoconus can operate heavy machinery and lift heavy weights. Although there is a potential higher risk of complications, if treated and monitored it can be minimized.
As for eyesight, some people with keratoconus can reach 20/20 vision with proper aid. Usually scleral lenses can give a much better result. I don't know about legal requirements in the UK for eyesight and heavy machinery but maybe you could reach the minimum eyesight requirements if your condition is treated properly. Please consult a professional about it, we can't help you online with that.

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