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Computer Science at Uni - Queen Mary or UAL?

Hi! Didn't know what section to put this in!!! I'm studying to do compsci but I'm stuck between choosing Queen Mary or UAL. I want to know people's experience who've done Compsci at QM or UAL or are currently doing it.

Any comments on personal experiences/opinions/advice would be awesome :biggrin:

Here's my pros and cons list!

Firm choice - QM
Course: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence with Year Abroad

+Year Abroad!!!
+Big campus
+Established course (and the outline is detailed and the qurriculum is seems interesting!)
+Russell group
+Reputable uni -> better jobs?
+Trusted tutors(?)
+Lots of people -> easier time making friends?
+Diverse course options -> easier to switch if I dont end up liking course or even compsci

-Lots of undergrads -> hectic(?)
-Most of my school goes there 😭
-Russell group, but lowest ranked
-A, A, A offer (not sure how to use my B, B, B contextual offer :c)
-Year abroad options are limited

>Heard the students there are not serious, that it's 'basically another 6th form'
>Heard the year groups are huge and it won't be easy to contact teachers for help
>Out of date facilities?
>Heard it's hard to find a quiet place to study.
>Heard it's not diverse? (In the sense that there is a large ethnic majority of asians as opposed to a balance of ethnic groups)
Insurance choice - UAL
Course: Computer Science with Foundation Year

+Ease into the course w/ foundation year -> develop uni studying skills
+Unique choice for Compsci -> appealing to employers?
+(I'm a creative person, so-) Easier to make good friends at unconventional course/uni?
+Facilties to engage in art hobbies(?)
+Smaller year group, maybe 40~ people in my course, more attention from teachers 1-on-1?
+B, C, C offer
+Easier course to do well on cuz requirements are lower(?)
+Uni seems to have good disability support team c: (diagnosed w/ ADHD)
+Clean campus, new facilities
+So quiet you can hear a pin drop -> good for studying
+CC students very nice and friendly and really vouch for their uni c:

-Art uni, bad employability?
-Unranked for Compsci... Or anything actually ;; Hard to find ranking of the uni for anything other than art.
-Curriculum guinea pig cuz it's a newly established course
-Harder to get into Oxbridge for masters(?)
-Maybe less experienced/accredited compsci teachers because it's an unconventional uni?
-Foundation year - waste of time maybe...?
-Course maybe too easy therefore not engaging/not informative? The outline of the course is pretty vague :frown:
-Site links are broken/outdated!!!!
-No year abroad 😔

>Heard it has good funding schemes
>Heard there's not much extracurricular stuff like sports? Not a dealbreaker personally :P
>Some bad reviews, most of all from covid times though.
>Seems to be pretty culturally diverse from what I saw

UAL is my preference, but I worry about the curriculum and job prospects for compsci there
Conversely, I'm not worried about that at Queen mary- but instead about the compsci students there and the accessibility to support
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If you need to be near London and that's the grade range, have you considered Royal Holloway University of London (in Egham, Surrey) too? Not part of the Russell Group but better graduate prospects for this subject than the other two. See
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