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my a levels college is 5 HOURS AWAY..

im in year 10 and have been looking for what to take for my a levels after finishing gcses, and none of the courses my local colleges offer have interested me. i found a college with animation as an a level that i could qualify for and enjoy but its over 5 hours away on train and in england (im in wales). what do i do?? do i give up on taking animation or do i somehow make time to take the classes?
and with the other a levels i have to take (i think i need 3 in total), would i have to pick them locally or at the same one in england?
pls help!! if there are any other animation courses in wales pls lmk! (the one i found is in brockenhurst, england)
Don't be silly.
Just do a an A level in Art, Graphics etc, and then do a a film/animation degree - you do not need an A level in Animation.

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