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dentistry clearing

which dental schools have gone into clearing?
if not, do they usually have spaces on results day?
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I applied for dentistry and got rejected from all 4
On July 5th the UCAS clearing opens but I'm not sure if dentistry will be a course that's available because it is so competitive (nevertheless I'm still going to check in case it is 😅)

But YES, on results day there could be spaces at some unis. It's important you have the phone numbers ready of the admissions of the unis that you want to try get into, so that as soon as you open your results you ring up the admissions straight away and ask if they have any dentistry spaces for clearing (assuming you get the grades).
They will probably ask you some questions on the phone, like whats your UCAS number so have it ready, and maybe some simple questions like why do you want to do dentistry. They probably won't give you an offer right then, they most likely will ask you to have an interview if they like you.
But best of luck I hope we both get in :smile:

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