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hey I’m super bad at revising ive started my GCSEs and I don’t think they have gone to well at the moment and I really want good grades I have been revising quite a lot but recently I have not got any motivation an exam stress hasn’t really kicked in and I want to pass five things to get into college what do I do
Right, motivation is simply the energy to maintain a particular behaviour in order to make you do something. Knowing the source of your drive (in your case good grades), is particularly important to maintain it. Revision is an extrinsic motivation meaning you pursue the task due to the result at the end. (e.g revision isn't particularly enjoyable but people do it because of the end reward). Unfortunately while extensive rewards are very appealing their effectiveness if often short lived as a form of motivation, people who enjoy pursing their goals is much more likely to actually become motivated. Here is what i would do if i was you:

Exam stress will not necessarily come and even if it does it may not actually be the best form of motivation

extrinsic motivations can provide sufficient justification (perhaps do something you enjoy after revising)

motivation will always be complicated but there is always something you can do

Try doing 50 minutes of work and then 10 minutes of break, many people do this differently. e.g: some do 30 minutes 5 minute break etc etc, find what works best for you.

what helped me was getting up earlier to revise, personally i found waking up in the early hours (e.g: 8am on a non-school day would make me much more productive then if i were to wake up later ( try it ).

except that if you don't put the work in, you won't get the good grades.

Focus on 1-2 subjects a day

make revision fun

i wrote this post incredibly tired after already having exams today, but i wish you all the best in finding some motivation lmk if u have any questions

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