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i have done both my little exams but have completely forgotten to do deeper analysis on my quotes and things i did context and writers intentions but my analysis wasn’t great how much will that bring down my grade i normally get 6s in literature
well... I hope you remember quite well about what detail of analysis you put in the exams... I m not a teacher- I would say compare your previous grade 6 answers to the quality of answers u remember you put in the actual thing, but if u have missed out on deeper analysis for each quote for each analysis question for both papers then i guess it would reduce about one grade, considering that you don't lose any more marks on context and the relevance of your quotes and ideas to the question... and besides, if you do edexel, you do not need 'analysis' as in the terminology i.e. metaphor, sibilance, triadic structure etc for the longer essay part b questions and the 40 marker in paper 1, so i guess you would be quite fine

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