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Other choices besides college?

I just had enough of college, I went to a new college thinking that it would be better than my old one, but it isn't. I still haven't really gotten any friends, and I just feel numb, and don't really care about anything. And I feel bored with the course that I'm doing.

Anyways is there any other choices other than college? Because I kinda just had enough of college.
Depends if you want to go to university or not. If you aren’t, find an apprenticeship. If you are, soldier on. Alternatively, you can do an access course but you would have to pay for this, although the cost is cleared if you do go to university afterwards but you do need to pay for it initially.

If it makes you feel any better i’ve never had a single friend at college either, in first year it really got to me as I felt so lonely and isolated and would just bed rot all the time, but in second year, with the workload it completely shifted from my mind as I had so many other things to focus on which became more important than friendships anyhow, as I had the aim to get to university and had coursework and revision to be cracking on with intensively. It’s still not fun, but if you realise there’s a world beyond college it makes it easier. I always think that it’s somewhere I just have to go and then I can come home and do my own thing, not somewhere I should stress over anymore as it’s just the stepping stone to a better place after A Levels.
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