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Shared Meals, Loneliness and Sense of Belonging Survey

Hi! I’m doing a MSc dissertation about young adults (18-25 years old) living away from home and whether eating with other people has an effect on loneliness/sense of belonging. If you have time to complete a short survey (no longer than 15 minutes), I would be really grateful! Happy to exchange surveys! Thank you:h:


Information that would enable you to be identified is not recorded. Taking part in this study is completely voluntary; you may withdraw your consent at any time without having to give any reason. Survey closes end of July 2024.
Original post by Memmz01
Hi, I completed your survey. I Would be more than happy for you to take part in my online 10 minute survey if you are between 18-25 years old. -
Also Extra demographic details: Individuals diagnosed with an eating disorder, a serious mental health disorder, a health condition that restricts their desired level of physical activity, or who have had major surgery or pregnancy in the past year cannot take part in the study.
All data is anonymous and you can withdraw at any time.

Hi, thank you so much for completing my survey! Unfortunately I'm unable to complete yours as I'm not in the desired age bracket. Thanks again 🙂

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