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What does 0:2:3 mean?

The way my uni awards degree is based on a 0:2:3 weighting. I wanted to get a two point one but I worry my average for a second year will be 2:2.
My top three best grades for second year are 67, 68, and 65. These are grades that lie in the 2:1 section, whilst the others are in a 2:2 boundary.
Is it true that they pick the best marks from your second module to aid award your degree? If not what should I do third year to secure a 2:1
0:2:3 is a roundabout way of saying that your uni weights your year 2 results as 40% towards your final classification, and year 3 is 60%.

With regards to what modules grades are taken into account, this varies from uni to uni. Usually your student handbook or academic department can confirm.

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