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Mindboo, brain game with AI

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to share a game I found helpful for students and anyone interested in testing their cognitive skills. It's called Mindboo, and you can play it for free on your phone. This game addresses common challenges such as cognitive skill gaps and slow learning.

Here are three key features I found particularly helpful:

Cognitive Testing: It tests your cognitive abilities under various conditions and encourages continuous improvement through different challenges and levels.

Brain Performance: It focuses on improving brain performance, particularly how quickly you can process information. It also uses AI to create virtual versions of your cognitive skills, allowing you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. You can even compete against the AI.

Diverse Game Modes: The game offers three main modes: battle royale, brain-racing, and online challenges. Each mode focuses on enhancing different cognitive skills.

I found the game well-structured and the best in its category. It can be a great way to take short breaks throughout the day to stay mentally sharp.

Feel free to check it out! It's available on both IOS & Android
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is it avialable online

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