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Being a zero gravity mentor

I'm going to be going to university (in the US) in the autumn and I'm considering becoming a Zero Gravity mentor to help out others who want to follow the same path.

I'm just wondering what other mentors think about the process of being a mentor. I never had a mentor/was a mentee when applying so I don't really know much about what it's like, but I am interested/excited by the chance to help out someone who needs it. Is it very time consuming? Difficult? Boring? What are the chances of getting a bad/unmotivated mentee?

Also, I'm going to the US, but I also got into Oxford for my subject and I'd be interested in mentoring someone for their Oxbridge applications, not just the US, because I honestly found the Oxford application far more interesting/rewarding. However, ZG says that it only matches you with students who have selected your university, so I'm not sure how I could make it known I'm willing/able to be a mentor in that area too.

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