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Nursing or radiography

Im yo, 32 years old, male . Im Uk resident but not UKl citizen.
I have BSc in construction management from back home which doesn't have any value here in the UK and i dont know why i wasted 5 years learning construction which i really hate the most. As i struggled to find something secure job for couple of years, i decide to go to UNi and to do some health profession. I attended open day, in teeside Uni on January 2024 and they explained to me what UK qualifications i must have. Now im doing english and maths level 2 functional skills, other than this im going to do access to HE with learndeirct online. But i found it stressful which exact course i need to choose . Im interested in health science but as im getting older and as English is not my first language, I just want to choose the one which is not hard to study. Can you help me, if you have any hint about the courses and which one do u think would be less stressfull. I know i sound a bit weird , but I found it difficult to choose which access course should i do .
Thank you guys
Hi , im a radiography student at university . In terms of which is easier both radiography and nursing are very hard and stressful they both have a lot of science involved . Try watching some day in the life of a radiographer or day in the life of a nurse on youtube and you can see which one you prefer when they show you what they do in the day. Radiography is physics heavy and you need to learn all the anatomy of the body and the physics of how x ray and other machines work . Nursing is learning the anatomy and biology of the human body , taking care of patients , giving medication to patients and other things .

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