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St Mary’s GCSE English Language Equivalency Test

Hi , I did the test . For people who need help when I did it in may 2024 . My paper was AQA paper 2 questions . Question 1 was about picking what is true which was worth 4 marks . Question 2 was an 8 marker and u had to compare two sources . Question 3 was a language question which means it asks the reader how the writer uses language to explain blah blah blah (worth 12marks ). Question 4 was a 16 marker question and it’s another comparison question . You compare both sources and talk about how the writer uses language and structure devices to blah blah that’s section A .
Section B is free hand writing and it’s worth 40 marks . The task I was given was to write a newspaper article on lazy parents. It will change , you could either write a story , describe a picture , write an article or email . I would focus on AQA style exam question based off what I did. Loads of resources online to help for example past papers was useful to me and Seneca was the best . Good luck !! Make sure to time yourselves too when I was there I ended up running out of time .

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