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GCSEs for Oxford medicine

I just wanted to see if my GCSEs are good enough for Oxford medicine:
999999998 + D*
(With the 8 being English language)
I was a bit worried because I only have 9 GCSEs and a BTEC all together, and I am aware that some schools offer 12 GCSEs, so I'm not sure if this will negatively impact my application?
Also, my GCSEs are Biology, Chemistry, maths, physics, geography, English language, English literature, Drama and philosophy, with a BTEC in sport; will having drama and BTEC sport be detrimental as they are less academic?

As far as A levels are concerned, I am doing Bio, Chemistry and maths currently working at A*A*A* (but obviously have to see how predicted grades go!) + EPQ, which I am not sure is necessary? I also have quite a few super curriculars and am volunteering at a care home. 😊
I do realise that a large part of the application is UCAT, but I just wanted to check my GCSEs anyway as I have heard that Oxford put a significant weighting on them!

Thank you so very much to anyone that offers a response!!
Have a lovely day 🫶x
Do the volunteering, keep your forecast grades up, practise UCAT and stop worrying- your GCSEs are great and they literally can’t turn down that set of GCSEs.
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Your GCSEs are amazing! Oxford only takes your top 9 GCSEs into account, so you wouldn't be at any disadvantage. They also compare it to the scores of the other people in your school, so unless the norm at your school is to do 10/11/12 there's no need to worry. Go for it and good luck!!
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Aw thank you guys you are so kind! I wish you the best for whichever path you choose also🤗

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