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Hello, my name is James, I'm 17 years old, I'm from the Midlands, am 'lightskin black' AKA, (mixed race) and have an interest in the concept of social class, not that I place my own self worth on such a thing, but still, it genuinely interests me as to where I might score.
So, to start off, I currently, (as I have for the majority of my life), live in a rental, 3 bedroom, semi-detached house... in what I would consider a pretty lower middle class/middle-middle class sort of area, I live here with my single Mother, (of whom I have been mostly raised by), and five siblings, (all of whom are younger than me.)
We have lived here for about a decade now, our landlord is friendly, and so... keeps the rent significantly low in comparison to what he could really get for it, which is a good doubling of what we currently rent it for. This being the case, we have chosen to stay in our generously sized, (and priced) house until it makes more sense to leave this blessing behind, or, as my Mother says she'd like to eventually do... buy it.
My Mother, (late 30's), is currently the co-owner/founder of a small, yet flourishing business, and whilst she does get goverment financial assistance, can stuggle, yet benefits from family safety nets... she nets around £30/40k per year currently, she is university educated, (as are most of her other, (4), siblings, yet she doesn't use her degrees today.)
She was brought up in a two parent household, in a mortgaged house, her Mother was an assistant teacher and her Father was always some what of a technology consultant, (he was the main bread winner for the household), and brought my Mother and her siblings up strictly, in the church, going to private school, learning instruments, mingling with millionaires and travelling to cool places, (despite his very working class upbringing)... my Mother had, at least in 1990's Britain terms, a pretty middle class upbringing.
My Father, (early 40's), is currently a behaviour specialist in a school, where I believe he makes about £30,000 per year... with no government financial assistance that I know of, potentially job seekers allowance, as that's quite a popular one. (He is not university educated, neither are most of his siblings.)
He was brought up on a council estate, in a single parent household... his Mother always had pretty working class sort jobs, and not that I've been told, but can imagine had a struggle with making ends meet... much of his youth was spent 'inner city', on the streets and getting into trouble with the police... how he and my Mother crossed paths is certainly a bit of a mind boggle.
In my younger years, my Mother's original thought was actually to send me to the same (private) school that she had gone to, she thought it was the best school in the world, with the right balance between size, affordability and diversity, only to find out... that it had just been permanently closed, she chose the 'best next thing', which was a State Roman Catholic Academy, (where me and all of my siblings went on to go... as did the majority of my family before that, in catholic state schools that is.)
I then went on to a catholic secondary school, (one of the main few where I live), only to be taken out during my second year, as well as all of my other siblings, though they did go back, (partly due to choice, partly due to covid) and homeschooled for the remainder of my secondary education... during that time we used a private tuition service, (that my Mother had assistance in paying for.)
I am currently working alongside my Mother, in her growing business, and do not wish to go on to university, as I just don't have my future in property planned out as needing to go down that path, though I feel as though my younger sibling shall be.
From now on, when I speak of family, I speak mostly of my Mother's side, as I haven't really had much involvement with my Dad's.
Trending occupations in my family are as follows-
Software Developers
White Collars
Store Managers
Senior Specialists
Public Transport Workers
Pink Collars
Intermediate up to Senior Level Positions
Now though amounts can be squed by higher earning members, in my immediate family of 13 members:
Average salary is- £95,000
Home ownership level is- 50% (discluding my parents)
Total home ownership value is/will be around, once all mortgages are paid- between £1m to £2m (just properties)
Average individuals net worth is- Around £200k to £400k (most of those 'individuals' being couples)
Total (altogether family) net worth is- Around £2m to £3m (properties and other assets such as pension pots etc)
I'd say of my family, that about:
50% speak 'pretty common'
50% speak 'received pronunciation (RP) with a mildly common undertone'
At least that's how I'd describe it... (I'd be part of those who speak 'RP with a mildly common undertone'.)
My Mother's Father has always been a hardworking man who came from very modest roots, (his parents having migrated), he has worked his way up the corporate ladder from youth, giving my Mother and her siblings a comfortable/affluent upbringing, as well as landing himself as the current highest earning member of our family... with his income at around £200,000, with a net worth also nearing millionaire status, at least in his prime.
Great Grandad-
My Grandmother's father, (who was a Rolls Royce Aircraft Engineer and loved to build things, shown in his terrific, self done renovations of his and my Great Grandmother's house), was also a hard working man, from a modest, working class background, but in 1950/60's Britain this time, who was the soul earner in his household, (my Great Grandmother being a paid housewife at a time), took my Great Grandmother all over the world in his prime, bought and paid off a house (still in our family) in one of the best areas where we live and lived up to earn £40,000 in year 2000 Britain, (equivalent to the purchasing power of about £80,000 annually today, so great in his day.)
Great Great Grandad-
My Great Grandfather's Dad had fought in WW2, passing down a particular antique, ornamental light fixture, that he brought back from the East, from his time in the war... that's all the information I have about him.
My soul hobbies would be:
- Hiking 🏞
- Studying 📓👨💻
- Writing ✍️📜
- Stately Homes 🏰🏛
- Spirituality 🧘✨️👁
My extra curriculars throughout the years growing up would be:
- A ton of performing arts 🎭🎤🎬🕺
- Gymnastics 🤸*♂️
- Martial Arts (Aikido and Kickboxing) 🥋🥊
- Tennis 🎾
Growing up we didn't really go away abroad a lot, I've only been abroad twice and both times inside Europe, when most of my family have done so outside, and many more times, still, due to tradition first, finances second, my family majoritively camps, caravans, glamps, road trips and 'stay-cates', (doing something of that latter a few times per year at least, majoritively... and it has really, always been this way.)
We seem to all be pretty domestic tourists, (and I do believe a mild patriotism may be involved), who especially like to spend weekends clubbing in other familiar cities and adventuring away on 'mystery trips'.
The wide majority of my travels have been revisits to the same places that we have all grown up around, such as... The Peak District, Cornwall and our local coast, (where we have pretty much all owned sited caravans at some point, some of us, still do.)
Growing up, the supermarkets most used by my family and I, have been:
"2005 to 2017
1) Sainsbury's
2) Asda
3) Morrisons"
"2017 to present
4) Tesco
5) Aldi
6) Lidl"
(With occasional Waitrose/M&S by a few family members, I guess i'm seeing a bit of a resemblance between me and my family, and the 'sqeezed middle class' that's all over the media at the moment right now, with this 'graph.')
In the long run at least, I do eventually expect some sort of inheritance... currently, about:
Low, unhopeful end:
-£5,000 to £10,000
Expected end:
- £10,000 to £25,000
Hopeful end:
So yes, I'm a teenager who was brought up relitively comfortably, (or so I remember), by a single mother, who had been raised pretty middle class... but due to personal circumstances such as parental divorce/personal illness, has more recently struggled, something she mainly puts down to her own early decisions in life, and the 'grey area of business growth before trajectory, without financial support from an, at a time, distant Father'... which is true.
My immediate family is pretty comfortable, all... (immediately) thanks to my Great Grandad and my Grandad, (through setting the standard... for things such as salaried jobs, savings, university educations, (of which a minimum of 30% of my immediate family is acclaimed to having) and homeownership/mortgages, (being around 50% of my immediate family, disregarding my own parents) rather than some vast inheritance that is.
We enjoy staycations, stately homes, pantomimes, roadtrips, camping and caravanning.
We have some higher earners and we have some lower earners... as well as those in the middle.
At least half of us mortgage or own a house, (not incuding my own parents), but we practically all drive, (mostly used and brought in cash, yet often new... but financed, 5 to 7 seater vans and SUV's.
We feel 'pinched' by inflation and the cost of living, but we still have enough to always have just enough.
We do indeed 'bargain hunt', especially nowadays, for most things.
We know plenty of millionaires, and plenty of 'thousandaires' too, (I'd say that most family friends are pretty 'lower middle class' though.)
We have a collective (immediate) family net worth of around £2.5m, (£2,500,000.)
About half of the people in the family have our home town accent quite strongly... (about 70% home town accent/30% RP, the other half, including myself, speaks about 75% RP/25% home town accent.)
There are no hereditary/noble titles, (as far as I am aware), in my immediate family.
Most immediate family members tend to eat less meat, and eat closer to a vegetarian diet.
We all do tend to dress pretty smart casually, but then occasionally... like slobs.
At least half of all members of my immediate family, have had or do have dogs, (of the medium size on average.)
The majority of families debt, consists of:
Student loans 🎓
Car finance loans 🚗
Mortgage loans 🏡
Home furnituring loans 🛋
Parents grew up on two 'different sides of the pond' really.
Politically, my family is sort of in the middle... wanting things like heavy border control, monarchy (to a certain extent) and lower tax rates in general, then also wanting to tax the rich, raise wages and save the environment... most of them seem pretty neutral about most things though, and tend to stay out of politics all together, (except for when something's trending of course, haha!)
Anyway, I know that this has been long, but I just wanted to give all the necessary points, and show that there are many different socio-economical influences in my life, and with that being the case... where does that fit me?
Under Class? ⛺️🗑🌃💨
Working Class? 🚚🚭🛠🍻
Lower Middle Class? 🥂✈️👯🇪🇸
Middle-Middle Class? 🎓👔✝️🚵
Upper Middle Class? 💼📈👨🏦
Lower Upper Class? 🤑🏖🛍🍾
Middle Upper Class? 💰👴🏻🏛🍷
Upper Upper Class? 👑🧐🏰🎩
Thanks for reading, I'll be awaiting your answer :wink:

I know you probably spent a lot of effort but honestly a TLDR may be of use here.
I have skimmed it, I would say middle to upper middle class
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What social class do you put yourself in?
Middle class
I’m so surprised of the effort that you’ve put into this just “to know” what social class you would belong to, are you sure there’s no other reason for you wanting to know an information that wouldn’t help you change your life?

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