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Unfortunately SFE are impossible to contact on webchat (convinced it doesn't exist)

Do any of the SFE people on TSR know if there is an option where you can decide not to claim NHS Bursary (going into 2nd year of grad med) and still receive the usual amount of maintenance loan?

Context: I usually get max maintenance due to family income, by taking the NHS bursary, I'm going to see a massive drop in loan amount for next year. So is there a scenario where I can keep claiming my usual £10,000 (ish) and how would that work in terms of tuition fees as well?

Hi there,

Unfortunately if you are studying on a graduate entry course then you are only able to apply for a reduced rate Maintenance Loan from Student Finance in your 2nd year as well as the NHS Bursary. There is no other option to change this.

Thanks, Drew

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