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Newcastle or manchester uni ??! for psychology

I have until june to make up my mind. If i achieve 3 AAA i will be eligible for Newcastle first year. However I applied for Manchester Foundation year because It hadn't crossed my mind when i was choosing my 5 UCAS options and so my only option for manchester was foundation year which requires A-levels at BBC. Newcastle and manchester are both in the russel group. However, manchester is ranked quite a bit higher being 38th worldwide while Newcastle being 110th. They are both good rankings but i cant help but feel like manchester is better , especially that i feel like it may have more international recognition than Newcastle. Nevertheless, i find Newcastle to be a friendly city and a lovely campus and to add on, if i achieve the grades AAA i will be able to enter first year ( not a foundation yr like Manchester) and it is still a really good university. However on the other hand despite being ranked really high, i will still have to take the foundation year as i missed applying for first year before the deadline and i feel like it might be a waste of my time of doing foundation in things i already know. i don't know what to choose or pick. if anyone could say their input and tell me more about their own experiences at either universities please do!!

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