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2.5 Year gap on college application

how will a 2.5 year gap between my igcse results and AS level results reflect on my college application to the top universities like Imperial, UCL, LSE, Edinburgh in the UK. I used the 2.5 year gap to complete my AS and A level but because I didn't get satisfactory results, I am taking a retest. hence explaining the 2.5 year gap. My results were good tho (the first attempt) all As but not A*s in A2 level as required by all top universities. Could anyone please help me out?
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It won't make any difference whatsoever. They only look at the marks and couldn't care less about the dates.
You must list ALL results, even when you are resitting that qualification.
You cannot just leave a time gap and hope the Unis won't notice - we do.

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