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friend crisis with girls holiday

Me and my friends want to go on our first girls holiday, and we have another friend that we have been friends for a long time however she is very conservative and christian and we can tell we aren't her ideal friend group. She does however want to come on a holiday with us, but we know she would hate the activities we are planning to do (drinking and clubbing) but she's still going along with the plans. HELP what should we say to convince her to change her mind, we don't want to be too rude but still get across our points, thanks
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You aren't going to be clubbing and drinking 24/7, so what's wrong with her coming along to do other things and have a break with you? You've said she's a long-term friend so what happens on the occasions here when you go out partying?
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as long as she’ll just hate the activities you’ll do and not prevent you from drinking or clubbing i think just let her come

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