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Geography NEA help

i have no clue how to write my purpose. Thats what my teacher calls it anyways, when i look at examples its just an intro but i have no clue how to actually write anything. I just need HELP. anything will be appreciated. :smile:
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Use your mark scheme as a checklist to find out what you need to include and ensure you achieve full marks
But generally you should include:

Introducing you topic and briefly state What you intend to investigate

State Why you want to study this topic

Introduce your chosen study area - state where/which city your study area is and why you want to study here and definitely why this area is suitable to your investigation Provide a map showing the location.

Talk a little bit about the history of you chosen study area - maybe talk about the before and after difference of your site e.g. if your looking into studying coasts, what was the coastal profile of the beach years ago/how did it change in recent years

Essentially other background information about the topic that gives you enough information to form a hypothesis. You MUST include a hypothesis as you will refer back to this at the end of your coursework in the conclusions

What is your enquiry question or the topic your going to focus on? And what is your exam board bc I can help give specific advice if you give a bit more details.

Anyways Hope it helps!

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