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Horror Trailer Questionnaire for my Media studies Coursework

I'd appreciate it so much if you can fill in my form for my coursework! Thank you

Horror Trailer Questionnaire

1) How important are the following aspects in making a horror trailer effective?
{ Rate them all 1-10 }

Creepy/disturbing visuals

Unsettling music

Vague and mysterious plot

Jump scares and shocks

2) What type of horror sub-genre do you enjoy seeing represented in a horror trailer?
a) Supernatural/Paranormal
b) Slasher/serial killer
c) Psychological thriller
d) Monster/creatures
e) A mix of different horror styles
f) other (please describe)

3) What tone or mood fo you feel is most effective for a horror trailer?
a) Dark, foreboding, and atmospheric
b) Intense, Action-packed, and thrilling
c) Slow-burning, psychological, and unsettling
d) A mix of tension-building and shocking moments
e) other (please describe)

4) When watching a horror trailer, what elements do you typically expect to see?
a) Eerie, unsettling visuals and imagery
b) Ominous, suspenseful music
c) Quick cuts and jump scares
d) Glimpses of the main character and plot
e) all of the above

5) What scares you the most in a horror trailer?
a) Psycho killers e.g. murders, serial killers
b) Cannibals
c) Real life situations
d) Mysterious creatures e.g.
e) monsters, ghosts, demons, zombies, witchcraft, werewolves
f) Paranormal forces
g) Apocalypses
h) Gore
i) Psychological fear
j) other (please describe)

6) What puts you off watching a horror trailer?
a) Bad acting
b) Crudeness
c) Not scary enough
d) Too much realism
e) Spoof
f) other (describe)

7) What kind of lighting would you expect in a horror trailer?
a) Dark lighting
b) Spotlighting
c) Saturation (red etc)
d) Back lighting (silhouette)
e) Underexposure
f) Casting shadows
g) Harsh lighting

8) What type of music would you expect to see in a horror trailer?
a) Rock
b) Pop
c) Classical
d) Eerie
e) Childish melodiee
f) Nursery rhymes

9) What should the protagonist be?
Male or Female

10) What makes a good antagonist in a horror trailer?
a) Unpredictable
b) Unstoppable
c) Creates tension
d) Mysterious
e) other (describe)

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