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AQA Grade Boundaries

I'm currently sitting my GCSEs, and without trying to sound cocky, the AQA exams have been really easy for me and it's made me a bit uneasy. So far, all the AQA ones I've done: Triple science paper 1s, English lit P1 and 2, geography paper 1, English language paper 1. And I've found them all quite simple, and VERY accessible.

For example, the English language picture prompt for question 5 being a desert, literally the classic hot/cold environment description. English lit questions: lady Macbeth, Scrooge's lessons, ozymandias, need for social change... All the sciences were also quite simple for me, as well as geography.

I've seen 95% of people also agree with me when it comes to the difficulty of these papers (a combination of people in my school, teachers and people online).

So I'm a little worried, what if AQA are aiming for super high grade boundaries this year? What if they've decided from now on that that's what they want to do, easier papers but higher boundaries... Is there maybe a measure or rule that prevents the boundaries moving by too much year on year?
Or is it entirely on how well people do

And if they might not be super high... Why so easy?

Btw, the same CANNOT be said for Edexcel, wtf was maths paper 1 😭😭😭
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Hey, looking at the trend from previous years, although it is true that the grade boundaries have gone up, it is only but a couple percent in total. I reckon they will increase again this year, but not by much. By a couple of marks (or percent). Tbh if you feel like you have done so well, you will be fine anyway no matter what the grade boundaries are. I have heard from a lot of my friends that they found all the paper 1s quite tricky. I think it is partly to do with student results yes. I am pretty sure the grade boundaries will increase for the paper 1s, but I doubt by too much. I only say this because they have increased every year by a small amount. Also, if the paper 1s have been quite easy, then the paper 2s will probably be a bit harder, although if the paper 2s are harder then the grade boundaries will be lower

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