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How hard is a computer science access course?

Any advice you can give would be dearly appreciated

For some context

I’m 20m I didn’t finish my alevels because of my health problems. I always had health problems growing up so I was in and out of hospital with some stays lasting months to years. When I was 8 I had kidney failure but received a transplant in 2014 and it failed 9 years later. Because of this I missed a lot of school I did decently In my GCSEs but I got a 4 in maths because it was never my strong subject. last year I took up programming and I made an etch-sketch game and calculator in JavaScript hmtl and css. I did some other projects and went into backend but stopped at node js (went into that a little bit). I stopped because that’s when the realisation hit that I had kidney failure again and was pretty depressed until recently.

My siblings suggested going back to university and I think it’s the right option. After two years of not socialising it be nice to see people my age. I researched ways to get into university and I need to do an access course for one year or a foundation course also one year.

I was thinking of doing an access course in computer science at college but I’m worried about how much maths is in the course. Honestly i don’t think I’m terrible at maths but there is a lot of gaps in my knowledge.

I’ve seen multiple reddit posts/replies where people are saying an access course is far more intense than alevels. I wonder when they say this do they mean there’s a higher course load? Or is the material that much harder? Also I want to improve everything I’m bad at so I’d get a tutor for help. My question is if I study and stay on top of my assignments and revision could I get a could enough grade for university? I know you have no way of answering this but please speculate. How much maths is it? How foundational do they go? Or do they expect u to know a lot?

Also one last part. How intense is a computer science degree? Whenever I’ve heard anybody speak about it all they say is “it’s the worst thing they’ve done”. My siblings think I’d be okay but I honestly feel like they have an inflated view of my intelligence.

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