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TSR Quiz of the Week #148 25th May 2024

Welcome to your TSR News Quiz of the Week!

Welcome to the hundred-and-forty- eighth instalment of the News Quiz of the Week series, which has been running since 2020!

Visit the master thread for more details of the series, and to sign up for notifications when a quiz goes live!

How it works

This quiz is conducted on a multiple-choice basis via Google Forms, and you have until next Sunday at 23:59 to play the game. The form will ask you to fill in your TSR username, and this is essential if you want to be in contention for the prize! Please feel free to comment and share your scores below this also makes verifying the scores easier!

*The tiebreaker question is a free-typed question where the answer is a number. If there's a tie for first place, the winner of the prize will be the person who gets closest to the correct answer. (And it can also help us spot anyone who looks like they might have received help from the internet as they did the quiz!)

Scoring The form will automatically score the quiz for you. The person scoring the most points receiving a tasty prize of 100 rep thanks to the Community Staff!

Happy quizzing!
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^ This week's quiz, courtesy of @ebyrne2036 :h:


VSL note: I understand that this form will require an email address to send. Please do not give your real email we'll get the form fixed so this question disappears.

Update: This issue has now been fixed.
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This quiz is now live!


4/10 for me :redface:
5/10, better than my average
Reply 7
6/10 but I only knew 1 so I’m happy with 5 lucky guesses.
5/10 for me!
Well done everyone results to come!

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