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What's cheaper or better to upgrade

Buy a new pc or upgrade current component
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Original post by Lifesucks101
Buy a new pc or upgrade current component

It really depends on what you need the upgrade for and what your current hardware is at the moment. For example if I was going to upgrade my very capable desktop at the moment to go from a target of 120fps 1440p gaming to 240fps 4K, no single component is going to give me that so I'd need to gut most of the system for a new CPU and GPU, which in turn would necessitate a new motherboard, RAM, then a more powerful PSU, and eventually I'm looking at more or less a whole new PC with the exception of a few components like storage. Meanwhile my fiancé who only feels the need to upgrade to stop her Chrome tabs monopolising her system's memory will be happy with the results throwing a single extra stick of RAM in would give her.

What are your current specs and what do you want to do differently?

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