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How do DSA taxis work with school street closures?

Basically my road and the surrounding roads are closed to any traffic (unless you have a council exemption) between 8:00 - 9:15am and 3:00 - 4:15pm on weekdays during school term times.

I can get an exemption bc I'm a resident with a blue badge (my mum has an exemption bc we live in one of the closed roads). Really stupid their exemption for people w a blue badge who need access to a address in the closure are supposed to provide a V5 (document that your vehicle is registered to the address) bc a lot of disabled people including myself do not drive.

I had emailed 2 yrs ago (May 2022) to get an idea of how it worked and didn't need to use it (cos my mum was driving me places mostly and being a resident she provided a V5 and has an exemption. Didn't stop her being fined about 6 times driving down her own road in the middle of the closure times, she had to appeal each ticket)

Now I'm going into 2nd yr (third yr if you count foundation) of uni there's no guarantee of my lectures being only 3x a week, (currently my DSA taxis are 6 single journeys a week, 30 wks a yr, but I have to change that when I get my new timetable. Took ages to get this organised/get the right postcodes - uni has 2 campus'es - on the system) and they may clash with my commute times (for example to make a 10am lecture, I'd need to leave at 8:45am to get there 9:45am),

I have an account with Addison Lee from DSA (which is interesting. So many bad reviews online, and someone I spoke to during foundation year was late a few times and I asked why and she said her DSA taxis - I assume Addison Lee too - failed to pick her up).

Anyone have any experience with this situation?

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