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A UK LLB as an international student

Hey everyone , I am a recent high school graduate from India who has applied for law in the UK. Out of 5 unis id applied to , I got into Durham , Queens Mary and Bristol. I have a couple of questions , the main one being is it worth it to pursue an LLB in the UK as an Indian? What would be the proper path forward if one wants to continue living in the UK after 3 years and become a solicitor and those who come back to India after 3 years and between Durham and Queens Mary , which uni would be better from the international pov? I understand these questions are fairly broad and not all of them can be answered by the same person so all responses are highly appreciated, thank you very much.
I only know that Durham is the better option for Law based on rankings.
Hi! first of all Congratulations on your offers but I won't weigh in on which university is better , I'll focus on your first question.
Pursuing an LLB in the UK can be a great decision for any international student. UK law degrees are highly respected and can open many doors, both in the UK and internationally especially if you study at an institution that is internationally recognised . As an international student I considered this when selecting where to study for my degree.
If you want to continue living in the UK and become a solicitor, you'll need to:


Complete your LLB.


Pass the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).


Gain relevant work experience, typically through a two-year training contract.

If you plan to return to India, having a UK LLB can still be beneficial. You'll need to:


Check the Bar Council of India's requirements for foreign law degrees.


Possibly take a conversion course or pass certain exams to practice law in India.

Both paths offer excellent career prospects, so it depends on your long-term goals. I hope this helps a little and Best of luck with your decision and studies! and feel free to ask me any more questions.
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