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English Lit or English Lit & History degree

I'm currently in year 12 studying English Lit, History and Business and I don't know whether to do an English Lit degree or a joint honours with history too. I love both subjects and feel like they would obviously go well together in a joint honours, but I don't know whether a joint honours is any less respected than a single honours in terms of employability (I would assume not but it's just something to consider) and I also don't know how it would affect the workload at uni as they need slightly different skills. If anyone does a joint honours course or just a Lit degree I would love to hear your experiences :smile:
There is no difference in the way a joint subject or single subject Humanities degree would be viewed by employers. The skills you gain - which is what employers look for, not the subject knowledge - would be the same.

With any joint-subject degree, you will do less of each subject than someone taking that subject as a single subject. Instead of, for example, taking two History units each term, you would take one unit from each subject. Timetable restrictions etc would mean that your options would be more limited, and you might find that some units are not 'do-able' on the joint program. The plus points of any joint subject degree are that you not only study two different subjects but also the connections between those subjects, and you are exposed to many more academic ideas and concepts.

Its also worth looking at degrees with other titles that would combine these two subjects, examples :
American Studies, undergraduate courses : University of Sussex
Combined degrees - Undergraduate - University of Liverpool
Liberal Arts - School of Arts, Languages and Cultures - The University of Manchester

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