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Money money money!

So I just paid for my accommodation down payment and it kinda clicked how financially lacking I am right now . I have a job at my mums office that pays me monthly and I have saved up enough to pay the 250 but my saving wasn’t that great so I feel like I’m back to square one in terms of money. Obviously I have exams right now so I’m not actively looking for a job but I really really need to get some money once they’re over.
I want to get into investing but I really don’t understand it yet to risk any money I have left and I haven’t had a proper job outside my mums office so I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to just ‘get’ a job.
I feel very discouraged and I really don’t want to depend on my parents about money so much any more.
Any and all advice is much appreciated 🙏
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Write a draft CV; plenty of templates online.

Look at job adverts and see what would be a potential fit with your qualifications and experience. See if anywhere in your local area is recruiting.

Join websites for alerts for suitable jobs.

Tailor your CV/cover letter for every job application. Keep a copy for reference.

Brush up on your interview technique, do your research on the organisation and study the relevant parts of your application.
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