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GCSE requirements

im thinking of applying for accounting and finance with a grade 5 in gcse maths. (missed 6 by a mark) should i bother to apply to unis that require a 6 in maths or is it a guaranteed rejection
yes they are normally quite strict

the good news is that you can just resit maths this november/in summer and put it on as a pending grade like you would with your a levels so it's not an insurmountable issue especially since you were probs at the 6 standard already
As above - this is about basic skills needed to successfully complete the course. Universities will not be 'nice' if you don't meet the required grade and its the quickest way to get an immediate rejection.

The other thing to think about is that if you struggle with Maths, or don't enjoy it, do you want to do the sort of degree course where this is an important element? There will be other Unis, other courses, where this isn't a requirement. Be realistic about what you can manage and what you will enjoy.

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