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How can i improve my application for OXBRIDGE

Hi , i am an international A-levels student and i will be writing my exams in may of 2025 . I managed to bag 2A* (physics and math) and 4A* (cs , biology , chemistry , esl) for my iGCSEs , i had a total of 6-7
months for prepping since i switched boards (icse to iGCSE) 7 months before the exams , i have read in places that oxbridge requires a minimum of 9 GCSEs so does this reduce my chances ?
I have also done 2 MOOCs and have recieved a certificate for them
1.HarvardX: Data Science: R Basics (Edx)
2. Particle Physics: an Introduction (coursera)
i also have a keen intrest in particle and high energy physics which is why i did these .
I am also doing a project on High energy astroparticle physics with a scientist at TIFR (india) and will complete it in about 6-7 months and will (hopefully) publish a paper with him . i have also written the AP exams (calc BC , physics 1,2,em) and managed to get a 5 in physics 1 and 2 , a 3 in physics c :em and a 4 in calc BC . i have also written and passed the NSEP and inPHO (currently in the training camp) , with all this done what chances do i have for OXFORD-CAMBRIDGE? (and the Reach scholarship)
Also my A level (CIE) subjects are :
further maths
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