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Worries about Erasmus placement

I'm a UK student, currently studying abroad at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I've only really been attending one class per week, because it's the only class I actually feel comfortable in. As an Erasmus student, I didn't have much choice in terms of the classes I signed up for, as long as I was working towards at least 25 ECTS, so I ended up signing up for classes on classic German Literature and morphology and syntaxes - stuff that I would have trouble studying in my own language, never mind a foreign one. As such the only class I have been attending is a language class, where everybody's German is on the same level as mine, so I don't feel uncomfortable. Now there's the context out of the way.

My question then, is:
Do I actually need to attend all of my classes in order to have the Certificate of Attendance signed, or does this certificate just confirm that I was at my host institution for the required amount of time (in this case 15 weeks)? I know for a fact that I don't have to PASS any classes, because my mark for the year abroad comes from assignments that my home uni set for us, but in order to validate the Erasmus placement without having to repay any funding, is my attendance compulsory?
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