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What should I do next faling english gcse retake

This is my frist mesages on this app not sure how it works but iam going to jump straight into it.
I did a retake for english langouge gcse and I think iam going to fail long story short, only becouse I stressed so much which made me go blank during the exam,

At the moment iam even more stressed, knowing i didnt do well on the first paper, and I can't concentrate on doing revetion for paper 2 even though I got half-term to do it.
My dream was allways to become profetinal in health,
But that seems rather impossible with out english gcse it feels like my future is rowined, I swear I work so hard to achieve my goals but now it seems rather impossible.

What should I do if I fail my english gcse retake?

Do any kne have revetion tips for paper 2 wnglish langouge?
Thank you all
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Hi there,
It's possible that you didn't do as bad as you think on paper 1 and regardless, you can still try and get marks in paper 2. If you fail english language again, you can resit it, but it might cost you. I don't know how you're doing it but in my school, they allow you to retake maths / english language at the end of year 12, and I think if you still fail, you would need to take it outside of school, so pay yourself to take it again privately, if that makes sense. So you can retake it, it'll just be a bit more expensive.
Tips for paper 2:
-do past papers, look at how the mark scheme works and what they reward
-get to grips with language devices (A RIPE FOREST) and how to both spot and use them
-try the writing question, it's boring and time-consuming but it'll help, try the past paper ones and make some of your own up
-read new articles or biographies or non-fiction writing to see how they're structured and written
-watch some youtube videos, mr everythingenglish or mr salles have some good videos that can help you in terms of structuring answers and answering them
that's all I can think of, good luck for paper 2 :smile:
Thank you for the The tips, Really apreasated.❤️*🩹

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