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Camp America and Graduation

I know this is pretty specific but i’m hoping to get some help regarding Camp America as a university student.

Next year, I’m hoping to do camp america however I will also be graduating. I was wondering if anyone knew if camp america or any similar camps like camp canada finish earlier like in july or if they would allow me to leave for graduation or would i have to miss my graduation??

Thanks for the help :smile:)

I would say that a lot of the camps will run until the end of July/start of August, so you might find it difficult to attend graduation. I know that at my camp, people have missed their graduation to be able to go to camp (but we threw them a little party at camp instead).
Maybe check if you can defer your graduation to the winter/next year's ceremony? You might not be able to graduate with friends in that case, but you could still attend an actual graduation ceremony.

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