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Hi, bit of a long one. So I’m aware of how funding works (length of your course +1year) so I started a degree a few years back and dropped out after 3/4 months (which counts as 1 year finance used up). I am now studying another degree which is 4 years including a foundation year however I’m finding the course a little difficult and arranged to switch to a different course in September which will be year 1. So my question is will I then have to fund year 1 myself? Technically I will still be entering year 1 in September it will just be a course transfer which still equals 4 years in total like I have funding for.
Hi AE1106,

Yes, the calculation would be (new course length) 4 + 1 - 2= 3 years remaining. You would need to self fund the 1st year of the new 4 year course, unless you had Compelling Personal Reasons as to why you were unable to complete the course year(s) affected. Acceptable evidence such as a GP or university letter that would confirm what happened, when this happened and how this directly impacted your studies.

Thanks, Clare

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