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How does international student gets in Oxford?

Hi, so I was wondering about how I should prepared myself if I want to get into Oxford.

I am currently studying in g10 (will end in 1 week) in Thailand (international school with american curriculum). Next year I will be studying AP Physics 1 and Calculus BC, and in g12 will be AP Physics 2 and probably Ap Chemistry.

So like what others thing should i be doing to prepared myself, like more AP? Or internship?

Also, how should I prepared for the PAT and interview part?

*Also, what's your opinion on UniAdmission?*
Hello, which course are you thinking of applying for?
You can find the admissions requirements for the SAT/AP system under the USA tab
Other than making sure that you meet the academic requirements, I think the best way to prepare is to learn more about the subject you're applying for. assuming that you're applying for physics, you should learn more physics outside of your AP curriculum, e.g. learning some university level content through perhaps books or online courses. You should also try to participate in olympiads if you have the chance
If you really want to gain some research experience before university, you can try asking local professors/labs whether they accept research interns so you can help out over the summer

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