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The most unusual way you made friends at uni

I wanted to listen more and speak less in university for the greatest success so I had few friends. The moment I became popular arrived in the first term of the 2022-2023 academic year.

I made a parody of a song with the lyrics being content from 2 chapters of thermodynamics, and sent it to a few people. The song ended up being so popular that almost everyone was singing it outside the hall before the midterm exam. We then set a record for the highest ever average score for the midterm exam of that module despite similar difficulty level each year, and the professor was impressed with our performance. As many people found that the song was a huge contributor to our success, I got a lot of friends from it.
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Here are the lyrics:

V1: Net Energy transfer Equals to all delta E
In piston, PdV, Area under process curve's W
Both PV's difference over 1 minus n, polytropic
P delta V, constant P
And PV log ratio of Vs isothermal

V2: Q minus W, delta U, cause no KE or PE here
P delta V is W b, Q minus that, W other, it's delta U
This Equals to delta H, m(h2 minus h1)
Since the pressure is constant, there is nothing wrong
It's used for constant pressure expansion contraction

C: Remember E in minus E out
Equals to delta E of system
Delta U plus boundary work is delta H
Enthalpy is U plus PV
It's just Q minus W other
Used in closed system under constant pressure

V3: Stationary zero KE PE change process
Insulated negligible heat transfer, E's zero, no work interactions
Then you form equation, it's just so straightforward
Then you can visualize it on PV diagram
Find quantity with pure substance properties or ideal gas law

(Repeat C)

B: Find your P V T all by the tables
Find x in final state, judge it and find T
Then u is just u f times x u fg
If ideal gas, make sure you have V and P
Then you have drawn your PV diagram
You just take area, or use the right process formula

(Repeat C)

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