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Assistance Dog at uni?

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder, as well as being investigated for other comorbidities and believe that I could really benefit from having an assistance dog. however most of the charities on the ADUK site say you need a fenced off garden, which I have at my home address, but I will be spending most of the year at university accommodation which doesn’t have one unless I get the flat I asked for (which they are currently saying doesn’t exist). Would I still be able to get one?
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while the requirement for a fenced-off garden is standard, exceptions and accommodations can sometimes be made based on individual circumstances. Proactively engaging with both the university and ADUK member organizations, supported by legal and advocacy resources, will be crucial in navigating this process successfully.
Have you checked the animal policy for your Uni accommodation?

The last 3 FE and HE Accommodation Services departments I worked at would only permit guide dogs for those with visual impairments.

No other assistance animals were permitted. It will vary from place to place.

As for being allocated a dog if you don't have a fenced off garden, again it will be based on the policies of those charities as to whether they will be flexible.

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