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my situationship

i don’t know if he actually wants me because he always finds small ways to touch my bsf but whenever i bring it up he always says “we’re just playing,” or “i only touch her because she touches me” and he’s really talkative with her, but with me he’s not really that open to me and yea we might share some things together but it’s like he tells her more stuff than he tells me. i’m not sure if he actually likes me or if he likes her because he says he likes me, but he doesn’t prove it enough which makes me think he likes my bsf more
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If you're not at an age where you should be concentrating on school and not relationships, ask him on a date.
if you feel like an option, you probably are one- sorry that sounds harsh! depends on what you want from him- if you really like him, try to spend more time with him. but if you're not too bothered, i'd say leave it. if he's making an excuse like 'i touch her bc she touches me' he's not massively interested, and not worth it

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