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Deadline dates and managing expectations...

My son (mature student, complex SENDs, disrupted educational history) is waiting for a decision from one university (the others were rejections) who are considering him for an alternative (foundation year) offer on a creative arts course.
They have told us they are working to the 17th July deadline they now have (one of his other choices was a late addition which reset the decision deadline for all.

He had his interview/portfolio review for his original course choice in mid-March and was told that he couldn't be accepted onto the the 3 year degree he'd applied for (for prior qualification reasons - despite everything we'd been told by course tutors/admissions previously across multiple universities - one tutor (aware of his qualifications) even queried why he was considering applying for their FY option given the quality of his work... this university rejected him from an application for FY...)

The recommendation was that he do a foundation year ('and he could do that with us'...which with them would then lead direct to his chosen 3 yr course) or a foundation course in FE. The more generic nature of FY at this university would present some particular challenges to my son but he will accept if offered, especially as this is his preferred university (for very sound reasons) and we were assured that his responses to briefs could reflect his personal preferred medium (but this was from the specialist course tutor, not an actual FY tutor). As a parent, the more generic curriculum aside, I see a lot of merit in a foundation year at his preferred university.

Two questions:
1) I am wondering whether, rather like students faced with Clearing, he could be better off applying again for next year because as things stand, he's not getting the offer holder day other FY students have had [I went to an Open Day FY talk and we visited the FY degree show together] and he will need various support arrangements putting in place, which all takes time. But getting an offer this year, doesn't mean he would get one next year. (We would do the application differently as the universities all seem in practice to struggle to consider mature students on portfolio/experience/PS alone and there are some confusing features of his circumstances which would not apply next year)

2) What are they likely to be waiting for? I don't have the impression he's going to be interviewed by the FY staff (the university has a digital portfolio) My hunch is that in practice the delay is waiting to see what their existing offer holders decide come 6th June - is that accurate?

(The appetite for pursuing FE college options very hard is limited for many reasons based on experience - and those we've looked into say that a foundation course with them is not an option due to lack of qualifications, but he'd be considered for the two year Level 3 extended diploma... which would be grim financially, logistically and in terms of student cohort.)

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